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B.S Maths



Bachelor of Science in Mathematics program is designed for those students who want to pursue their study in the field of Mathematics. Mathematics is a basic and powerful tool for solving problems and a highly creative field of study. Mathematics is important to all areas of our society and is a foundation for many different kinds of careers. Mathematical graduates are in high demand and can obtain well paid work in many areas, including teaching, investment banking and finance; the civil service; the pharmaceutical industry; and medicine statistics. Mathematics graduates are highly employable due to the advanced problem-solving, analytical skills and higher level numeracy skills developed by studying this subject.


Morning : 50


he duration of program is 4 years/8 Semesters and each semester comprises of 16-18 weeks.

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Admission Criteria

Only those candidate who have passed the F.A/F.Sc/D.A.E or equivalent Examinations From the board shall be eligible for admission to the BS(Hon 's) having at least 2nd Division . Age Limit: Maximum age limit in all bachelor program in 23 year on the last date fixed.

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