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BS Computer Science



The Department of Computer Science offers a 2-year program leading to an MCS (Master of Computer Science) degree. The program is designed especially for Bachelor graduates who wish to enter this highly exciting and challenging field to meet the growing need of computer science experts in the rapidly evolving 21st century economy. The program provides graduated will with a strong technological base that will enable them to capitalize on the increasing career opportunities in this sector. This specialization provides a highly demanded expertise, great mobility and flexibility, and an impressive range of possible career choices in the industry. To develop eLearning student with knowledge of concepts, theories, application and practices associated with the computer science field. To prepare eLearning student with an innovative practices related to computer science application and enhance the programming skills for solving computer science operations and strategies productivity in local and global platform.


Morning:60 Evening:50


4 Years

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Admission Criteria

50% marks in relevant subject.

Fees Sturcture

Morning:14085 Evening:29085