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BS Botany



Plants are crucial to the future of human society as they provide food, oxygen, medicine, and products for people, as well as creating and preserving soil. Graduates with M. Sc. in Botany can progress to a wide range of careers. They can work in national and international organization in either public or private sectors as Biodiversity Researchers, Environmental Scientists, Nature Reserve Managers, Research Scientists, Wildlife Management Advisors, Project Officers, etc. In order to develop human resources in the field Botany through appropriate education and research MSc programme in Botany has recently been launched in department. This program has an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary scope enabling students to understand the significance and concepts of Botany. It aims to: Produce dynamic young graduates in the field of Botany by developing strong skill, academic foundation, and professionalism enabling them to compete in governmental and non-governmental sectors. Demonstrate comprehensive understanding of Botany as an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary subject. Achieve awareness about the evolutionary trends, plants systematics, and environmental considerations in pursuit of nature conservation. Understand the relationship between economic growth and importance of indigenous plant resources.


Morning:60 Evening:50


4 year

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50% marks in relevant subject

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Morning:14085 Evening:29085